Tame the Chaos. Automate your route to market. 

TradeStack™ by ibuQa.io “connects-the-dots” of route to market operations, helping manufacturers, distributors and last mile delivery businesses eliminate inventory and payment reconciliation headaches, co-ordinate deliveries, monitor field operations in real-time,  reduce costs and scale cost-effectively.

What our customers say

“The TradeStack™ by ibuQa.io team isn't just about software; they're about understanding our business challenges. They spent weeks mapping our unique processes, then built a solution that felt custom-made. TradeStack™ by ibuQa.io isn't just software, it's a strategic partnership for growth.’

Fred Odhiambo

Director of Sales and Marketing
Riley Falcon Security & Riley Courier

End-to-end automation for route-to-market operations

Ditch the spreadsheets, emails, and frantic phone calls. Say goodbye to lost invoices and manual data entry. Unify every step, from field sales to back-office and logistics, with seamless data integration.

Real-time analytics put you in control, empowering you to react quickly and maximize profits. Inventory and payment collection discrepancies become a distant memory with automated reconciliation.

Integrate effortlessly with your existing ERP systems, eliminating data silos. The result? Faster decision-making, reduced costs, and happier customers.

Reconcile inventory, payments, & collections with ease.

No more headaches reconciling inventory, payments, and collections across your complex route-to-market. Our automation platform seamlessly combines field and ERP data for effortless reconciliation.

Break Down Silos, Unlock Efficiency

Our platform delivers true end-to-end automation that finally connects your sales, logistics, and operations teams. By breaking down existing data and communication silos, we provide complete visibility across the route-to-market so every team can collaborate for maximum efficiency. Whether it’s tracking orders, optimizing logistics, or processing payments, our unified solution shares key data to align your go-to-market activities.

Real-time Visibility Across Your Operation

No more waiting for updates or flying blind. TradeStack™ by ibuQa.io equips you with a real-time X-ray of your entire operation. From factory floors and bustling warehouses to field sales teams on the move, you see what’s happening as it happens. Track inventory, monitor deliveries, and troubleshoot issues in real-time, putting you in the driver’s seat of your route to market. React quickly, optimize deliveries, and make informed decisions based on live data, not guesswork. This is route-to-market with crystal clarity.

Unified Data Drives Intelligent Decisions

Our platform seamlessly bridges field and internal data, providing a complete, up-to-date view across your route-to-market. Core business systems integrate easily with real-time logistics, inventory, and order data from the field. With a single source of truth powering intelligent analytics, you can make faster decisions to optimize everything from production planning to delivery schedules. Unified internal and external data gives all teams increased clarity. Supply chain managers gain visibility for adjusting orders, accountants streamline reconciliations, and executives better predict demand changes. 

Illuminate Lost Insights, Unlock Growth

Our platform digitizes all your route-to-market operations, unlocking growth opportunities hidden in manual processes and “dark data”. By standardizing and connecting data across sales, logistics, and field teams, we illuminate insights previously lost in scattered WhatsApp chats, emails, and Excel sheets. Context that improves decision-making is regained. With a complete view, you can optimize everything from inventory levels to promotion effectiveness to route efficiency. Teams access digital audit trails for performance analysis rather than relying on instinct. Purposeful automation frees up time previously spent on manual work. We recreate digital pathways for your business to execute enlightened go-to-market strategies.

Optimize and Reduce Costs Through Intelligence

Forget bloated expenses and missed opportunities. TradeStack™ by ibuQa.io optimizes your route to market like never before, squeezing waste and fueling profit. Precise route planning navigates every mile efficiently, asset utilization skyrockets with real-time data insights, and rapid response times turn near misses into closed deals. Watch logistics costs shrink, operations hum with peak efficiency, and your bottom line soar. This is where optimization meets growth, where savvy decisions translate into financial success.

Eliminate Waste, Maximize Human Capital

Picture your team, liberated from the chains of repetitive tasks. Spreadsheets vanish, phone calls streamline, and emails fade into the background. TradeStack™ by ibuQa.io automates the tedium, freeing your workforce to focus on what truly matters: driving growth. Say goodbye to wasted hours and hello to maximized potential. Your people become strategic assets, fueled by automation and empowered to reach their full potential. This is where efficiency meets ingenuity, where smarter workflows ignite productivity, and where every team member becomes a growth engine.

Go Paperless, Go Green

Our route-to-market automation platform not only drives operational efficiency but also enables sustainable growth strategies. By fully digitizing workflows including order taking, invoicing, inventory management and delivery tracking, businesses eliminate dependency on paper forms and manual processes. Sales agents leverage mobile devices, logistics crews access online forms, and back-office reconciliations happen seamlessly without printing reams of reports. Executives can track real-time analytics through interactive dashboards. As your business scales, our automation keeps your operational footprint minimal. Enable your teams to execute eco-friendly practices while maintaining great customer experiences. With paperless operations, you reduce waste while protecting the planet for future generations.

Simple Pricing Plans, Endless Possibilities

No more budget surprises, no more hidden fees. TradeStack™ by ibuQa.io offers crystal-clear pricing you can count on. Choose the plan that fits your needs, from cost-effective per-seat options for core users to targeted options like delivery management or fleet tracking. Pay only for what you use, scale seamlessly as you grow, and enjoy the predictability that fuels peace of mind. This is software your budget can embrace, a partner for growth at every stage. 

Pick what you need

Our flexible pricing allows you to select the best subscription model for your route-to-market needs. Gain access to our full automation suite through intuitive per-seat licensing. If your focus is fleet management, our per-vehicle model is optimized for businesses managing their own fleets. For third-party logistics and courier companies, our per-delivery model provides affordable delivery management capabilities. 

Fleet Management

Track location, monitor performance, and optimize routes with per-vehicle pricing that puts you in the driver’s seat. Enhance safety, reduce downtime, and maximize utilization—all while keeping tabs on costs. This is fleet intelligence at your fingertips, powering profitable journeys.

Delivery Management

Real-time tracking, dynamic route planning, and automated notifications ensure every package finds its home efficiently. Per-delivery pricing lets you scale seamlessly, while data-driven insights optimize your operations.

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