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Digital Rails For Logistics Across Africa

ibuQa provides logistics software to help businesses run more efficient logistics, retain customers through reliable on-time deliveries and grow by serving more customers efficiently.

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ibuQa’s logistics rails help e-commerce companies, manufacturers, distributors, couriers and transporters lower costs through automation and optimisation of assets, grow through access to expanded markets and superior customer retention and simplify their operations by using insights from our advanced analytics and offloading work to our algorithms and AI. Our usage-based pricing model reduces barriers to adoption and our API-first approach makes it easy to integrate with other software that you use to run your business.

Reduce Logistics Costs 


Leverage automation to bypass the manual, error-prone dispatch and work allocation processes.  

That's not all !

Discover more Features

Private Cloud And On-Premises compatibility

You are in control. Choose deployment options based on your preferences, from running your private VMWare (on-premise) to cloud systems like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud environment. This allows you to keep your valuable data under your control.

Consumer And Corporate Web Portal

Deploy a fully branded and modern online consumer portal that can be used to reach tech-savvy customers who can easily request pick-ups, get quotes, and track parcels . Corporate clients with heavy inter-branch parcel traffic (e.g., banks) can use corporate portals to request pickups and track parcels. With support for different billing models, including credit billing.

Data Protection And Compliance

Out of the box support for opt-ins, opt-outs and minimization of personal data collection making it easy to comply with the Data Protection Act, GDPR and other privacy regulations.

Stay current

Power Book On How To Handle Deliveries Like A Pro

Let's face it , managing deliveries can be hard, there are lots of factors that you need to consider and you can't afford to take any chances with your deliveries. You have to be careful and make sure everything goes smoothly. That's where this ebook comes in. Well curated , super rich with guidelines on some of the key tips on handling deliveries like a pro.

Our Customers Love Us !

ibuQa courier service is excellent, drivers are always prompt, on site when they need to be, also the care and detail exercised is 1st class. Best Regards.

Paul Mutinda

Director, Noble Ventures Insurance Agency

ibuQa drivers are pleasant and always at the other end of the phone when I need to speak to them or arrange anything whatever time of the day.

Mark Mumo

Card Services Manager, Savannah Informatics​