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Providing The Digital Rails For Logistics Across Africa.

ibuQa provides logistics software to help businesses run more efficient logistics operations, retain customers through reliable on-time deliveries and grow by serving more customers efficiently.

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ibuQa’s logistics rails help e-commerce companies, manufacturers, distributors, couriers and transporters lower costs through automation and optimisation of assets, grow through access to expanded markets and superior customer retention and simplify their operations by using insights from our advanced analytics and offloading work to our algorithms and AI. Our usage-based pricing model reduces barriers to adoption and our API-first approach makes it easy to integrate with other software that you use to run your business.

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End-to-End Logistics Management

ibuQa’s platform handles logistics end to end, from order capture to post-delivery surveys. We give you the peace of mind that comes with having one platform for all your logistics operations.


Reduced Operational Workload

By automating dispatch, tracking, route planning and load optimization, we leave your team with time to focus on delivering awesome service to customers and handling any unexpected issues that arise on the road. Your contact center and operations teams have access to real-time shipment, vehicle, and crew information to manage customer expectations.


Alerts and real-time tracking

ibuQa helps you reduce your customers’ anxiety by providing customers and your operations team with real-time tracking of ongoing shipments.


Flexible Capacity

You can get additional capacity from couriers on our network without losing the benefit of end-to-end real-time tracking and simple alerts for your customers. This can help you provide service in areas that are not directly covered by. Your fleet.


Ready for Growth

ibuQa’s platform is multi-country, multi-company, multi-branch, and multi-currency. We are quite confident that it can adapt to your needs, regardless of the size or complexity of your business.


Mobility and Paperless Operations

We understand that logistics happens in the field, where the rubber meets the road. Our mobile applications and handheld point of sale terminals (“PDQs”) provide information to your field teams and capture data in real-time.


Simple Fleet Management

Our simple fleet management tools allow you to track your vehicles, schedule their maintenance, view their location and workload at any time and manage their fuel use. The solution can handle passenger and cargo vehicles of all types – from tractor-trailers to delivery motorcycles.

Simple Fleet Management

Advanced Crew Management

We understand that your business depends upon having the trustworthy drivers, loaders, and other crew members at the right place at the right time. Our crew management tools help with scheduling of shifts, vetting and real-time awareness of each crew member’s status and location.

Advanced Crew Management


We provide you with reports and dashboards that help your teams make operational and management decisions. With our analytics, you can avoid intentional and unintentional losses and react to unexpected events quickly.


Increased Efficiency

We use Artificial Intelligence and advanced optimization algorithms to increase your vehicle utilization rates, optimize workload for crews, save fuel through optimal routing and increase on-time performance.


Built for Integration

ibuQa is designed to be easy to integrate into other software. This includes e-commerce systems, accounting and inventory management systems, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, omnichannel customer engagement and other business systems. You can find more information.


Improved Customer Retention

ibuQa includes a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool and can integrate with the CRM that you use if you have one. We’ve set it up to make it easy for you to automate and analyse post-delivery surveys and to keep a record of important customer details, including their delivery addresses and contacts.



ibuQa’s platform is priced on a usage or subscription basis with no software up-front costs.


Flexible Deployment

ibuQa is a cloud native platform. However, if your business needs to have the platform deployed on-premises for compliance or other reasons, we can accommodate that. Our experienced platform engineering team will work with your technology team to design and implement an architecture that works for you.