Building bridges to prosperity through trade

Trade simplified; lives transformed. We’re on a mission to empower millions of entrepreneurs in emerging markets with agile route-to-market solutions, sparking economic growth and creating a ripple effect of positive change.

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Empowering progress, one route at a time

Our Mission

Our mission is to simplify and optimize trade and route-to-market operations for businesses across emerging markets. With our partners, we aim to directly enable over 10 million businesses of all sizes by 2050. By providing the tools for business growth and operational excellence, we contribute to broader economic development, stimulate local industries, create new jobs, and reduce poverty in the communities we serve.

Our Vision

A world where borders fade, opportunity thrives

Our Vision

We envision a future where producers and distributors, from the smallest stall to the largest corporation, navigate emerging markets with equal ease and cost-efficiency, fuelling growth and prosperity for all. Our solutions are building the bridges to this future today by unlocking efficiency gains, operational control, and sustainable growth for companies across agriculture, manufacturing, distribution, retail and more. We are committed to democratizing best-in-class route-to-market excellence so businesses small and large can trade and transport goods with ease to boost prosperity.

Our Values

At ibuQa, our values guide everything we do to simplify trade and empower businesses across emerging markets.

Customer First Mindset

We put the customer at the core of all decisions. With empathy, we take time to understand each business’ needs and go the extra mile to provide tailored solutions.

Results Focused

Our scrappy, persistent teams efficiently deliver concrete business results for every customer. We provide the tools and insights for operational excellence.

Innovative Solutions

We creatively apply technology to develop innovations that work in emerging market environments while continuously improving through customer feedback and hands-on learning.

Knowledgeable Partners

As lifelong learners, we build knowledge in trade, logistics, and technology every day. Our curiosity drives us to become trusted partners to the businesses we serve.


In fast-changing economies, we find efficient ways to provide maximum value. Our solutions enable customers to optimize resources.

United by these values, we simplify commerce to uplift businesses and communities. When our customers grow, emerging economies rise. 

These values are more than just words on a page. They’re the DNA of ibuQa, woven into every interaction, every decision, every line of code. They’re the compass that guides us towards our vision of a world where emerging markets thrive, and every producer and distributor has the power to connect and contribute. Join us. Be part of the ibuQa movement. 

The Founding Story

ibuQa was founded by three friends – Ronny Malanga, Dennis Mwebia, and Dr. Ngure Nyaga – who brought complementary backgrounds spanning logistics, technology, and entrepreneurship. 

Ronny, coming from 7 years in logistics business development and product management, serves as the CEO. Dennis is the COO, leveraging 6 years of experience in mobile technology. And Chairman Dr. Nyaga provides over a decade of entrepreneurial expertise through his work founding companies like Savannah Informatics. 

The company originated as a third-party logistics provider (3PL), building the first version of TradeStack software to meet operational needs. But in serving 3PLs and working closely with users, the founders spotted a massive challenge around connecting data and processes across the route-to-market. 

They pivoted to address this “connect-the-dots” problem for logistics, productizing their software which had started as an internal tool. After significant research spending time with hundreds of users and iteratively pitching, building, and validating with customer feedback, ibuQa emerged with the most complete vision for route-to-market automation across emerging economies.

The Team

Dr. Ngure Nyaga

Dr. Ngure Nyaga

Co-Founder & Chairman

Dr. Ngure Nyaga is an experienced entrepreneur and technologist in the healthcare industry. He is a Co-Founder and Senior Fellow at Savannah Informatics, where he has led the development of digital health products like the Be.Well marketplace and Slade360 health information exchange platform. Dr. Nyaga has served as a senior technical advisor on health IT projects with organizations like the University of Nairobi, USAID, IFC, and the Ministry of Health. He previously co-founded startups like Hyperion Consulting and Intellect Group, working on platforms spanning lab systems, CPD, ERP, and mHealth. Dr. Nyaga holds an MBChB from the University of Nairobi along with a Bsc in Medical Physiology. 

Ronny Malanga

Ronny Malanga

Co-Founder & CEO

Ronny Malanga is an experienced entrepreneur and business leader in the route-to-market and logistics space. As Co-Founder and CEO of ibuQa, Ronny currently leads the company’s efforts to help African businesses digitally transform their operations through an intelligent automation platform. He previously served as COO of 4K Tracking and held senior business development roles at companies like 15 Minutes Logistics, Threadstack, and FORA. Ronny has also led projects around motorcycle ride-hailing and e-commerce at startups like Busy Boda and Zagace. With over 7 years specifically in logistics and route-to-market, he brings strong expertise in sales, partnerships, and driving digital transformation for transportation and supply chain operations.

Dennis Mwebia

Dennis Mwebia

Co-Founder & COO

Dennis Mwebia is an experienced technologist and entrepreneur focused on mobile and logistics. As Co-Founder and COO of ibuQa, Dennis currently leads engineering and operations to help businesses optimize logistics through automation. He also founded Panda Ndege, a flight booking app for domestic travel in Kenya. Dennis has held various roles developing mobile applications, including leading development of Android apps for companies like Bidco Africa, Little Ride, and Zagace. He previously worked with Absa Bank’s innovation lab on a WhatsApp integrated finance application. Dennis also has experience consulting for startups on mobile app development, lecturing on programming, and working with health IT companies early in his career on software engineering projects. 

Gladys Macharia
Gladys Macharia Operations Associate
Adriano Mochama
Adriano Mochama Software Engineer
Kevin Ogaba
Kevin Ogaba Software Engineer
Brighton Abungu
Brighton Abungu Software Engineer
Brian Njuguna
Brian Njuguna Software Engineer

Join Us

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