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The Automation Prescription For Lowering Distribution Costs

For consumer businesses, getting products into customers’ hands relies on the intricate dance of sales, logistics and operations. But disjointed systems and manual processes inject delays and distortions across supply chains already chaotic in African markets. The result? Bloated cost-to-serve and frustrated customers.

The urgent need is coordination – digitizing route-to-market activities for unified data and automated hand-offs between teams:

Optimizing Capacity, Minimizing Downtime

Automated workflow coordination across the distribution centre, warehouses and field assets sequences tasks for maximum utilization while minimizing downtime. Drivers spend less time idling while real-time order bundling optimizes routes and volumes.

Resolving Issues Through Real-Time Visibility

With every shipment, vehicle and mobile device generating continuous status updates, disruptions can be spotted and resolved swiftly. Teams divert inventory as needed while drivers dynamically receive route adjustments. Customers get proactive notifications with reliable ETAs as proof-of-progress.

Coordinating Seamless Hand-Offs

Order and inventory changes flow securely across mobile devices, digitized paperwork and backend systems for rapid, accurate response. Smooth, digital hand-offs replace emailed or WhatsApp’d forms, ad-hoc Excel sheets and disjointed communications.

Continuous Replenishment Through Rolling Inventory

Route-based demand forecasts trigger replenishment orders while optimal pack sizes balance cost efficiencies with storage. This just-in-time precision reduces wastage from spoilage and pilferage.

Route-to-Market Orchestration for Results

In African markets, businesses must navigate chaos to thrive. The automation solution synchronizes sales, logistics and finance into a single platform vision. One that makes every asset, process and employee part of an intelligently integrated system. And one that transforms distribution from cost centre into a core competency powering growth.

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