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The Business Case for Automation for Couriers

As online buying explodes across Africa, customer expectations rise – “trained” by digital-first e-commerce operators and tech enabled marketplaces that have made alerting and self-service tracking daily realities.

For an established courier or 3PL business, sustaining momentum hinges on digitizing daily operations. Your customer expects you to provide them with an Amazon or DHL like delivery experience.

If your business is not primarily a software-first business, this can be challenging. The TradeStack by ibuQa platform presents a turnkey solution to automate parcel handling, deliver incredible customer experiences, unlock actionable insights and open revenue streams.

Customer Experience

No one likes surprises. Your customers will be much happier when you can keep them in the loop with automated alerts, provide them with self-service tracking links and answer their questions with crisp clarity when they call. TradeStack by ibuQa track and trace capabilities make this easy.

Optimized Workflows, Reduced Costs

Tablets and back-office software coordinate tasks from sorting to dispatch, routing to driver alerts. Automation replaces manual paperwork, freeing staff for high-value activities while enabling rapid scaling. Built-in route planning enhances asset utilization.

The automation makes things faster, increasing the likelihood that your deliveries will be made within the timelines promised by your service charter. When your team is freed from tedious manual work, they can focus on the tasks needed to make corporate and individual customers feel valued. These compounding efficiencies drive down operational costs to improve margins.

New Revenue Through Digital Channels Omnichannel access options like web pages, mobile apps and API integrations into e-commerce systems position the courier as a digital freight forwarder inside customer workflows. This embeds business, expands share-of-wallet and fosters loyalty – all accelerating growth.

Valuable Business Insights

With data piped into a cloud data warehouse, self-service business intelligence empowers fact-based strategies around pricing, delivery performance and customer segmentation. Executive dashboards provide market visibility while operations leverage data to enhance agility.

In assessing technology investments, the proof lies in tangible returns. For a courier or 3PL executive, TradeStack by ibuQa presents a compelling case to gain efficiency, insights and revenue – transitioning the business to lead through digital innovation. The result is confidently scaling operations while unlocking new opportunities. Call us for a demo today!


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